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SP-5514 - Advanced POS Functionality with Style

The customer experiences you provide play a big role in customer loyalty — and ultimately, your bottom line. Partner Tech POS solutions help you provide great customer service and convenience your customers demand.


The Partner Tech SP-5514 all-in-one touchscreen terminal packs POS functionality into a modern, sleek design that compliments the décor of even the most stylish restaurants and retail settings. With five color options to choose from the SP-5514 compliments any store style and design.

POS that Works Almost Anywhere

The SP-5514 features a small footprint that can be used even where space is limited. The all-in-one offers options to add a full complement of peripherals including a card reader, fingerprint sensor, and NFC/RFID scanner, to keep counters uncluttered.

Not Just a Pretty Face

The SP-5514 has been designed to optimize workflows at the checkout. The 14-inch-wide, 16:9, PCT touchscreen makes it easy for your staff to use — even new employees can use intuitive touchscreen interfaces efficiently almost from day one.

Powerful and Rugged

The Intel Bay Trail Celeron Quad-Core J1900 provides ample processing power for your POS and other business solutions. In addition, its rugged, fanless design makes it less vulnerable to damage from dust, bumps or vibrations that can in a busy commercial environment.

Flexible Interface

The SP-5514’s design allows more flexibility to change the interface depending on your device requirements, allowing a variety of configurations using serial, USB, and Optional powered USB 12V*3 / 24V*1 for the retail market.

Cost/Performance Value is High

For retailers and restaurateurs looking for the best performance for the investment, the SP-5514 all-in-one POS terminal meets the demand. Merchants can add value with optional customer display, a second monitor, and interface expansion boards.


The bezel-free, 14-inch screen makes it easy for employees to use for you to showcase information for customers.

Operating System

The SP-5514 lets you choose the operating system that’s right for your business and your staff, including Windows 7, POS Ready 7, Windows 8.1, Industry Pro Retail, Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu).

Energy Efficiency

The SP-5514 is designed to be energy efficient, helping you meet goals for corporate environmental consciousness policies and to keep operating costs down.


Choose from black (standard) or metallic grey/white to complement your brand and the style of your restaurant or store.

Optional Peripherals

Choose from optional integrated peripheral combinations:

  • Encryption-capable magnetic stripe reader (MSR)
  • MSR + chip card reader + fingerprint scanner
  • MSR + chip card reader + RFID (NFC)
  • MSR + chip card reader + i-Button