Partner Tech Point of sale cash register

Partner Tech All-in-One POS Terminals

The customer experiences you provide play a big role in customer loyalty — and ultimately, your bottom line. Partner Tech POS solutions help you provide great customer service and convenience your customers demand.

Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-5514

SP-5514 | Advanced POS Functionality with Style

For businesses that need robust point of sale (POS) functionality but don’t want to make compromises when it comes to the look and feel of their stores or restaurants, Partner Tech’s attractive and stylish all-in-one transitional mobile SP-5514 is the answer.
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SP-1060: Powerful, Future-Proof Touch Terminal

SP-1060 | Powerful, Future-Proof Touch Terminal

The SP-1060 POS terminal gives forward-thinking businesses options for speed, endurance, and performance now as well as the ability to add IoT solutions and new applications as technology advances and consumer trends change.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-2500


The SP-2500 POS PC, powered by an Intel® Bay Trail J1900 CPU, provides the system performance, reliability and flexibility that retailers need to increase productivity and improve customer experience. It can be transformed into a Touch POS Terminal quickly and easily and supports multiple display sizes for both retailer and customer facing transactions. With its flexible design and integrated peripherals, the SP-2500 is an ideal choice for today’s changing retail environments.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-3500


The SP-3500 series, powered by an Intel® Bay Trail J1900 CPU comes in a sleek design. Available with both compact 11.6" LCD or a 15.6" Projective Capacitive Touch LCD display. The foldable base is adjustable from completely flat to fully extended, which allows you to serve your customers just about anywhere! There are also a variety of peripheral add-on's, including encryption ready MSR, BIO Reader, Smart Card Reader, NFC (RFID) Reader, 2D scanner, camera and wireless module. The combination of style and functionality makes the SP-3500 Series your best POS solution for today's changing business environment.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-630


The SP-630 is a smart POS system designed to meet the needs of today’s power hungry customer service applications. The fan-less Celeron N2807 processor and 4GB of RAM, combined in an elegant touch screen that features some of the most advanced and cost effective solutions available today.It is designed for everyday use in the field, logistics, retail and restaurants, and aims to improve profitability as well as customer satisfaction.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-820


Part of our SP-800 series, the SP-820 provides the system performance and reliability that benefits retail, hospitality and industrial environments. Inside the SP-800 is the powerful Intel Celeron Ivy Bridge Dual Core CPU, providing the necessary power to run today’s power hungry POS applications. The SP-820 comes with a wide range of easily connected modules, including RFID reader, smart card reader, MSR, finger print reader, and second display options. With its convenient wall mount option and wide tilt angle, the SP-820 is perfect for any environment.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-850


SP-850 is a fanless, compact, high-performance system fitted with a quad-core Bay Trail platform and scratch-proof projected capacitive touch screen. Housed in a beautiful and elegant aluminum body, the SP-850 provides the system performance and reliability that Partner Tech products have become known for. Inside the SP-850 is an energy efficient, low power consumption Bay Trail CPU, providing the necessary muscle to run today's power-hungry POS applications.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal SP-1030


The SP-1030, a high performance stylish POS system, through utilization of its CPU choices including the Intel Celeron G540 dual core, i3 or the i5 provides the efficiency and the functionality required to deliver the future solution to meet all size retailers’ challenging needs today.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal PT-6315


The PT-6315 features the Intel Celeron 1.8GHz dual core processor and a fanless compact design. A benefit for any business, the PT-6315 all-in-one POS solution includes a 3” thermal printer, touch screen, and integrated customer display. Its plug and play design also suits events and seasonal usage where installaion support is limited.
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Partner Tech Point of sale terminal PAT-100


The PAT-100 is Partner Tech’s state-of-the-art Android™ POS Terminal. Engineered for mobility while offering a solid and sturdy design, the PAT-100 is truly all-in-one with its integrated peripherals, providing businesses with a compact POS system for efficient operations.
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