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Midair Touch Technology – 100% Touch-free & Germ-free

Discover how Partner Tech is transforming the customer experience by integrating the contactless and germ-free holographic touch technology from Holo Industries with Partner Tech’s kiosk, POS, and payment solutions.

Touch-free, Mid-air interaction 

Keeping touchscreens and displays sanitized, whether in retail, healthcare or other public places, seemed almost impossible, but now Partner Tech and Holo Industries offer Holographic Touch, which uses holograms for touch-free, midair interaction.

User friendly

The holographic touch technology uses a high-resolution, high-contrast graphical interface with high precision and no latency. Using the fingertips or gloves, you can select, zoom in, zoom out, scroll and swipe. A tactile sensation provides feedback when you touch the holographic display. Eye-tracking enables adjustment of the viewing angle based on the person’s height. The holographic display is fully functional in all lighting conditions and can be operated in hot or cold temperatures. The device saves energy by making sure it only turns on when a person is nearby.

Easy to Install

The holographic touch is an affordable plug-and-play solution that can be used in combination with several of Partner Tech’s POS terminals and kiosks. The solution works right out-of-the-box and can be integrated into an existing counter-top or wall surface.

Holographic Touch Solutions are available in sizes from counter-top-size 200 mm (8”) units to 1050 mm (41”) for stunning holographic wall displays.

Holographic Touch can be integrated with several of Partner Tech’s POS and self-service solutions.

Many User Scenarios for Holographic Touch

Holographic touch is ideal for any situation where cleanliness is a concern or when you simply want to add a more exciting and interactive user experience. Use as customer display or as integrated part of a self-service kiosk or self-checkout solution in store, restaurant, hotel, hospital or train station.


100% Touch-free

Mid-air interaction and no actual touching of the screen.

100% Germ-free

No viruses and germs are transmitted and no need for keeping surfaces clean.

High Accuracy

Easy to use with fingertips or gloves with high precision in all lightning conditions.

Are You Interested in a Touch-free User Experience?

Please reach out to Partner Tech if you are interested in offering  your customers a 100% touch-free and germ-free user experience.

Interested in Reselling or Developing for Holographic Touch?

Contact us if you are a reseller or integrator and want to learn how Holographic Touch can be integrated with your POS and kiosk solutions.