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Self-Service Solutions (Windows/Android)

Self-service solutions are transforming the the retail and hospitality and Partner Tech has the solutions your are looking for – from self-checkout kiosks to advanced self-checkout solutions with a built-in AI and fraud prevention. On top of that, Partner Tech offers self-order kiosks for quick service restaurants and kiosks for check-in and checkout at hotels.


Self-checkout kiosk with 15.6″ or 21.5″ for a grab and go shopping experience. Ideal for convenience, drug, specialty, liquor and hardware stores.

Alfred AD-215/156

21.5″/15.6″ self-service kiosk solution with everything you need. Available with a floor stand or countertop stand.

Baldwin BW-Series

Multifunctional modular kiosk with an up to 32″ touch screen display.


Space saving 27” self-service kiosk for use in retail and hospitality. Can be used single or double sided.


Hotel kiosk enables guests to check-in by themselves. Equipped with an integrated ID-document scanner and key card dispenser.

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