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Self-Checkout with Intelligent Fraud Prevention

Enable shoppers to quickly scan, bag and pay for their items – without waiting for the next cashier to free up.
Partner Tech’s Alfred SCO solution streamlines checkout while mitigating theft with intelligent fraud prevention.

Quick & Convenient

Offer customers the convenience of less waiting in line and more control over their purchases.

Intelligent Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud with several anti-theft measures, including a security scale and computer vision camera.

Reduced Labor Costs

Manage more than ten self-checkout lanes per store attendant with significantly fewer staff members required at checkout.

Convenience Stores


Apparel Stores

Specialty Stores

Optimizing the Store Experience to Keep Customers Happy

With a quick and intuitive shopping experience and convenient self-payment options, including card, cash and contactless, Alfred SCO keeps customers happy by speeding up checkout during peak hours. Meanwhile, one store attendant can manage 10 or more self-checkout lanes.

Configurable to Every Retailer’s Needs

Fully customizable, modular design with a wide range of options, Alfred SCO is built to meet your store’s requirements – from functionality to layout and branding – requiring minimal floor space.

Customizable and Modular

No matter what type of retailer you operate, SCO can be customized to meet your company’s requirement and easily scales to meet future needs.

  • Select from three different screen sizes.
  • Choose the right level of security, including EAS/RFID deactivation, security scale and AI camera.
  • Select from large selection of peripherals, including barcode scanners, printers, checkout scale, tri-light, etc.

Space-saving Tabletop Mount

Partner Tech’s SCO has a universal tabletop mounting, which can be mounted on an existing desk or Partner Tech can help to design a countertop and bagging solution for the space. The modular, space-saving design allows retailers to maximize the floor space and fit it into small spaces.

Intelligent Fraud Prevention

Alfred SCO offers several features for loss prevention during self-checkout.

Items can be verified by using one or several of the the following anti-theft solutions:

  • EAS/RFID tag deactivation
  • A security scale in the bagging area that verifies that the scanned item’s weight matches the weight database
  • Intelligent tri-light with an integrated security camera that detects which product it being scanned and uncovers any type of scan avoidance and other types of schemes.

Any discrepancies are recorded and the self checkout attendant as well as the store’s security team can be alerted.

High-performance Computing Power

In the heart of Alfred SCO, is Partner Tech’s powerful all-in-one Audrey POS touch screen computer with a fanless solid-state drive and high-performance Intel processor in a sleek, but durable enclosure. Built-in speakers offers  the ability to use voice guided instructions during checkout.

Size It Up for Your Store

Choose between a multi-touch 15″, 15.6″ or 21.5″ display, which can be used in landscape or portrait mode. Add the processing power and memory size needed for the job. Audrey comes with a five year warranty!

Support for All Payment Types
– Cash, Card and Contactless

Payment is easy and quick with support for debit and credit cards, contactless and mobile payments. By using a camera located on the tri-light pole, age verification can be done either remotely or with the help of AI.

Brackets for payment terminals are available for:

Partner Tech’s SCO solution also offers the option of a cash management module with coin and paper bill recycling.

SCO Software that Adjusts to Your Needs

Partner Tech’s SCO solution includes self-checkout software modules with intuitive step-by-step instructions for the shopper. It has a customizable flow and easy-to-configure GUI.

Integration with Peripherals and AI for Loss Prevention

The software controls all peripherals such as scale, bar code scanner, tri-light, and security cameras and with the AI software module retailers are able to  artificial interpret data and prevent different theft scenarios. As an example, the item’s weight can be checked against the weight data base and footage from the security camera can be used to validate that all items are scanned and paid for.

Integration with the Retailer’s POS via API

Partner Tech offers an API toolkit that enables a faster and easier integration with the retailer’s POS and loyalty systems as well as other ISV solutions. The system is easily scalable and upgradeable at a later time.

Real-time Monitoring

Partner Tech’s cloud-based SCO monitoring software gives retailers real-time visibility to how their stores are performing. It proactively tracks activities at the checkout, including:

  • Interventions
  • Number of transactions
  • Average basket size
  • Cash vs. credit card transactions
  • Associate productivity
  • System health
  • How many SCO stations are open
  • and more

Certain events can trigger an alert to be sent to a store associate, store manager, or the store’s IT support.

Smarter decisions based on facts

With better insights, retailers can make smarter decisions and take action to improve the performance and profitability of the SCO system. This valuable data makes the difference between failure and success. As an example, with visibility to the top items that cause interventions, retailers can take measures to reduce fraud and make small adjustments to make the SCO more efficient to use.

Dashboard and Detailed Data

Partner Tech’s monitoring module provides both a real-time dashboard with a quick overview of current issues as well as detailed reports with ability to benchmark stores against each other and view the historical data.

Retailers can choose to manage the SCO monitoring themselves, but we strongly recommend that Partner Tech or a certified partner assists during the startup phase to ensure a successful rollout.

A Turnkey SCO Solution
– Software, Hardware and Peripherals

Alfred SCO is modular solution that can be customized with the following components:

  1. Security video camera
  2. LED status light
  3. Camera for age verification
  4. Integrated speakers
  5. Solid state touch screen computer (5 years warranty)
  6. 15,” 15.6″ or 21.5″ display (use in portrait or landscape mode)
  7. Security scale and small bagging area
  8. Checkout scale or EAS deactivation
  9. Bracket for payment terminal
  10. Second monitor or POS option
  11. Barcode scanner (can be upgraded to a bi-optic scanner)
  12. Thermal printer
  13. Place for shopping basket
  14. Cash management module

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